The Great Gatsby

Baz Luhrmann's lavish 3D interpretation of F Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel The Great Gatsby is out today in the cinemas and we just cant wait to see it. The feeling of decadence and romance from one of the most iconic works of American Literature has once again been brought to the big screen, and the fashion and style throughout is sure to have us drooling with envy, even more than the sight of Leo. The elegant jewellery collection which is used in the film, plays a big part in creating the look of the glamorous side of the 1920's. Renowned jewellers Tiffany's, who have played a big part in the launch of the film, have created a line of jewellery inspired by the story, including the iconic headpieces of the era. Have a look at some pictures below from the film, the Tiffany collection and also from the premier at Cannes Film Festival last night, where the celebrity guests went all out and got involved with The Great Gatsby Style in honour of the event.   We'd love to hear what you think! Comment on our Blogs for a chance to win a 10% voucher. (If you can't see the comment box below click on the title to make it appear at the bottom of the page.)