The Limited Edition Raymond Weil Frank Sinatra Watch

As part of the “Sinatra 100” centennial celebration, swiss watchmaker RAYMOND WEIL has developed a limited edition maestro mechanical timepiece. 00-14876 Working with the Sinatra family, the classic watch pays homage to the legendary artist on the 100th anniversary of his birth date. As a nod to the artists well known nickname ‘Ol blue eyes’ the luxurious watch features bright blue hands and markers. Additionally, you’ll notice that the twelve o’clock marker is the only roman numeral found on the elegant timepiece which celebrates Sinatra’s 12th December birthday. According to Frank Sinatra Jr., “Frank understood the vital importance of time. He recognized that each of us lives by his own internal clock and many times when preparing his music, would instruct his orchestrators to employ what he had named the heartbeat tempo. Time, he said, was the most important force in all of our lives”. Shop the watch here