Caring for Nomination Jewellery

Find out how to keep your Nomination jewellery looking its best for years to come.

The unique charms and the hand painted enamel designs of Nomination jewellery allow us to create bespoke charm bracelets tailored to each of us. Keeping our personalised Nomination keepsakes in perfect condition is vital to keep our memories alive.

As with any jewellery, Nomination jewels do require care and attention to keep them looking flawless. Take into consideration the tips we’ve provided below and your Nomination jewels will look amazing for years to come!

Nomination uses only the finest quality hypo allergenic sterling silver. To clean both silver and gold jewellery, use a dry, soft, clean cloth to wipe. Metals such as silver and gold are malleable, this means that they are fairly soft, and hard knocks and other harder substances can damage and scratch the jewellery easily.

Remember to store your Nomination jewellery in a jewellery box with separate compartments and in soft pouches to ensure other jewels won’t cause damage.

Remember enamel can be fragile
The Nomination collection features many charms with enamel details, these delicate details are painted by hand. Although enamel is water resistant, it should be regarded as a fragile material with corrosive chemicals or a violent blow can cause the enamel to become discoloured or even crack.  

Taking care of leather
The genuine Italian leather products that you can find in our men’s collection require special care and attention to preserve the stunning colour. Nomination advises that you remove leather jewellery before any contact with water, including applying creams, oils and perfumes as this could cause colour to fade. You might notice that your bracelet may seem a little larger after you’ve worn the jewellery for while, this is due to the natural elasticity of the leather.

If you have any questions regarding jewellery care, why not drop our team a message on Facebook and Twitter?

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