Chlobo’s Luna Soul Collection

Discover the beautiful new jewellery range from Chlobo inspired by the night sky.

The new Chlobo Luna Soul jewellery collection is inspired by the constant and reassuring presence of the moon as well as the beautiful delicate shades of the environment.

The Luna Soul collection also nods to the mythology of Indonesian goddess of the moon, Ratih, who is known for her beauty and grace.

The complementary forces of the ever present moon and stars take prominence on the Hero cuff which is detailed with the beautiful message of “Live by the moon, shine like a star” 

You will find symbols feature heavily throughout the collection, each chosen specifically to encourage health and success.

Moon, a symbol of magic and protection

Stars, known as the wish symbol and is believed to help bring wishes to life

Tassels are used to distract evil and negativity with its liquid like movement

This spiritually and mystically inspired new jewellery collection continues to carry their message through the materials chosen to adorn the rose gold and silver pieces.

Translucent grey agate as a stone that balances energies and brings good fortune.

Pink aventurine for it’s beautiful colour and calming properties.

Moonstone which represents pure energy and success in love.

Labradorite, a calming and healing stone known as the stone of spiritual awakening.

Rose quartz, known as the stone of unconditional love.

Smokey quartz, a protective stone shielding against negative energies.

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