How to tell the difference between Nomination Classic Charms and Nomination Big Charms

The concept behind the Nomination Composable bracelet was to design a fashion accessory that expressed the style and personality of the wearer, a modern day charm bracelet. There are four different Nomination bracelet and link (charm) sizes; Tiny, Smarty, Classic and Big. Here at Hugh Rice we stock the Classic and Big range. The ‘Classic’ is the most popular. The Big looks great worn stacked with a Classic bracelet and is also popular for men. The bracelet is made of links that join together by spring mechanism and which are then replaced by charms of your own choice to create and personalise the bracelet to your taste. The nomination collection of links and charms is huge and with more being released all the time you will never get bored of your bracelet. Sometimes it is difficult to visually assess the scale of a product image online; to get round this we have set-up filters to help you. You can find these on the left hand side of a catalogue page. With Nomination look-out for the ‘Family’ filter where you will be able to sort products by ‘Composable Classic’, ‘Composable Big’ or ‘Composable Charm’ depending on the bracelet you own. -       Composable Big’ links are the same width as a ‘Composable Classic’ link but are slightly taller. -       ‘Composable Charms’ are for use on the Composable Classic bracelet, they are the same size, they just have a drop charm feature. -       ‘Composable Classic’ and ‘Composable Big’ links are not compatible with each other so cannot be connected to the same bracelet.
nomination composable charm link
Nomination Composable Charm Link
Nomination Composable Classic Link
Nomination Composable Big Link
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