NEW Pandora Present Bracelet - Only £99

The NEW Pandora Present Starter Bracelet is now available here at Hugh Rice for a SPECIAL PROMOTION price of only £99!!! "The Present Bracelet features the classic PANDORA charm bracelet with a gorgeous sterling silver present charm with pink enamel ribbon detail and a new silver heart safety chain. Please note: bracelets purchased in sizes 16-17cm will have a 4cm safety chain, bracelets purchased in sizes 18-20cm will have a 5cm safety chain and bracelets purchased in sizes 21-23cm will have a 6cm safety chain." CLICK HERE to take you through to our website to buy this bracelet NOW to make sure you don't miss out on this amazing offer.....   We'd love to hear what you think! Comment on our Blogs for a chance to win a 10% voucher. (If you can't see the comment box below, click on the title to make it appear at the bottom of the page).