Guest Blogger - Stuck on what to get your secret Santa’s present for under £20?

Hope you all enjoy this fantastic blog from one of our customers - Thanks for this great guide :-) 'Struggling to find your secret Santa present… well you’re not alone. I never know what to buy for my secret Santa. Plus I have a new job therefore it’s miles worse as I don’t really know anybody – nightmare! The limit is £20, which isn’t too bad, Nomination do a great range of different styles for various tastes and they do a gift receipt so if the person doesn’t like it they are allowed to swap which saves my bacon!  These are my top 5 picks – hope it helps. Keeping the Christmas theme with this gorgeous Santa’s stocking Nomination charm. Priced at £18.00 - you’ll still have a few pennies change!

nomination sock charm

Nomination Composable Classic Christmas Stocking Charm £18.00

  This Nomination charm isn’t really Christmas themed but I thought it would be great for my secret Santa’s present as she always wears red heels! Don’t be scared to buy a joking present or un-Christmas related gift, I’m sure the person will still appreciate the present and have laugh too! At only £18.00 - you really can’t miss it.

nomination red shoe

Nomination Composable Classic Red Heels Charm £18.00

Nomination offer hundreds of fabulous charms and you can even spell your name out if you want with these classic silver and gold letter charms – such a good idea!

nomination c letter

Nomination Composable Classic Letter C Charm £16.00

 If your secret Santa doesn’t have a bracelet for the charms then this super slim Nomination bracelet is ideal and for the amount of money… it’s a bargain! It’s priced at just £9.00 therefore you still have some spare money to buy an additional present – chocolate or even a festive charm!

nomiantion bracelet 9

Nomination Composable Classic Base Bracelet £9.00

This is my all time favourite festive charm – its great for a secret Santa present, as it’s festive and priced at just £18.00. But make sure you slyly check (if you can) the person you are buying it for has a Nomination bracelet!'

nomination santa charm

Nomination Composable Classic Father Christmas Charm