How to look after your Pandora Jewellery

All jewellery, even sterling silver pieces, will tarnish over time. However, it will happen much quicker if it comes into contact with perfume, salt water, sulphur, skin creams, hairspray, chlorine and acidic skin ph. Wearing your jewellery whilst bathing, whilst in bed or during sporting activities can also speed up the tarnishing process.. But don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with your jewellery, it just needs a quick clean to be back to its beautiful, sparkly self. Untitled Follow our top tips for looking after your jewellery: Use a polishing cloth. A polishing cloth works wonders when it comes to freshening up your jewellery if tarnished - it can add sparkle to a dull surface. These are available to purchase in Pandora stores for £3.00. Top tip: Be extra gentle when polishing pieces with organic materials like wood, pearls and leather. Only polish the metal part with the cloth. Need a more thorough clean? Use soap and water. You can give your Pandora jewellery a more thorough clean at home with some soap and water. Simply add a drop of mild soap to lukewarm water and clean the jewellery with a soft toothbrush. A toothbrush is an excellent tool for jewellery with patterns, which may otherwise be difficult to clean. Top tip: If your piece of jewellery is very dirty, leave it in lukewarm water with a drop of dishwasher detergent and let it soak for a few minutes. Please note that jewellery with leather, wood or pearls should not be cleaned using this method. These materials may never be soaked or rubbed. Keep your jewellery away from harsh chemicals. You should never expose Pandora jewellery to liquid silver cleaner or other harsh chemicals, not even chemicals meant for cleaning jewellery. These agents may alter the colour of the jewellery and damage the organic parts such as leather, wood or pearls. Keep your jewellery safe and protected. If you’re not wearing your jewellery, keep your items safe by storing them in a protective lined box or a tarnish-resistant pouch. They can also be stored in a plastic zip lock bag made of Mylar or polyethylene. We recommend that you don’t store your jewellery in the bathroom, as this will make it tarnish faster due to humidity and to the sulphites which can be found in some toilet freshener sets. We would also recommend that you keep your jewellery away from damp, cold or extremely hot atmosphere and out of direct sunlight. This is due to sunlight causing decolourisation to the enamel and dulls its appearance.
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