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October Birthstone: Opal

The most notable feature of the Opal gemstone is its vibrant mix of colours - perhaps this reflects the diverse and versatile characters of those born in October!


Australia is very much the home of the Opal gemstone. The life of the Opal can be traced all the way back to the ancient dreamtime of the Australian Aborigines, whilst the dry and isolated outback deserts are the origin of around 95% of the World’s fine Opal gemstones.

“Opallos” (Greek word meaning ‘to see a change of colour’)

The most breathtaking feature of the Opal gemstone is its stunning variety of colour. A truly unique stone, each individual one has its own colour combination, from milky whites to blacks with flashes of yellow, orange and blue. This individuality allows you to choose the gemstone which best suits your colour preferences.

Opal jewellery is believed to have healing powers relating to depression, whilst many also see the stone as a route to finding true love for its owner.

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