Brand focus: Daniel Wellington

Take a closer look at the popular Daniel Wellington brand.

With the Daniel Wellington watch increasingly becoming a must-have, we thought we’d take a look at what has made the collection so coveted, starting with the brand’s remarkable beginnings.

Whilst travelling the globe, the collection’s founder met an intriguing British gentleman who left him stunned with his ability to find a balance between a sophisticated yet unpretentious style. His name? Daniel Wellington.

The timeless style which that intriguing stranger exhibited is one which continues to inspire the elegance and beauty of the modern designs, each Daniel Wellington timepiece as subtly beautiful as the very first.

A unique aspect of the brand is the versatility the watches offer; not only can they be worn by men or women, they find a perfect balance between casual dress and formality, meaning a Daniel Wellington can be worn whatever the occasion.

All of the watches come complete with an interchangeable strap, which allows you to have a different one for each day of the week, and bring new life to your elegant companion at any time.

The Daniel Wellington is a timeless timepiece, its simplistic and sophisticated design one which is sure to impress any crowd for years to come.

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