Fossil watches: Hybrid vs Display

Stylish sensibility meets modern functionality with Fossil’s collection of touchscreen smartwatches.

Fossil Q is a collection of wearable technology combining fashion, tech and fitness. The modern smartwatches which make up the collection feature smart technology which allow you to receive your favourite notifications, get the motivation you need to stay active, express your personal style and, providing that your device is an iOS or Android smartphone, control your music - all from your wrist.

The collection comprises of high-tech Display smartwatches with touchscreen displays and seamless user experience when paired with your phone, and Hybrid smartwatches which boast most of the smartwatch benefits whilst looking like a traditional watch. Read on to discover which is more suited to your lifestyle.

Display Smartwatches
Striking design meets smart performance with a stunning touch-screen digital display and a built-in microphone for voice-controlled commands. The 24-hour battery life and compatibility with Android and iOS devices allow you to stay connected with all your favourite apps and helpful alerts, all day long. 

Customisable watch faces allow you to change the look at the drop of a hat, making it the perfect choice for all situations. The easy versatility of Fossil Q smartwatches spares you the expense of buying different timepieces for various situations.

The Android Wear app connects your iPhone and Android phone to your touchscreen display watch; keeping you in the loop with handy information from Google Now (such as traffic alerts, weather updates and flight status) and notifying you of incoming calls, texts, emails and app alerts. Built-in activity tracking allows you to track your everyday accomplishments: steps, distance and calories burned.

Hybrid Smartwatches

For those who prefer a more traditional aesthetic, Fossil Q Hybrids look like a classic watch, but act like a smartwatch.

Thanks to the Hybrid’s bluetooth connectivity to the Fossil Q app, gentle buzzes and moving hands let you know when you’ve received a call, text, email or app notification, while the sub-eye dial allows you to keep track of everything from steps to sleep patterns, and everything in-between.

Where the watch types differ is more in look, with the Hybrid offering a classic, vintage look compared to the sleek, high-tech appearance of the Display. The Hybrid offers additional features such as sleep tracking and the ability to take photos, whereas the Display technology has extras such as an LED flashlight, and is perhaps more user-friendly in conjunction with other devices. 

As they’re battery powered, Hybrids never need charging, making them a more practical and durable option for the forgetful and those who’d rather avoid pesky wires! Hybrids also come with the added benefit of allowing you to remotely take photos on your phone using the Q-LINK technology. Simply select the ‘Take photo’ action using the Q-LINK app on your phone, then press the bottom button on your Hybrid.

Whilst each comes with their own unique set of benefits, both the Display and Hybrid are a more suitable choice than the classic watch for those who want their watch to go the extra mile and keep them connected to their devices. Both types connect to Android and iOS, notifying the wearer of essential information from their phone. Similarly, both the Display and Hybrid function as an activity tracker so you can keep track of goals.

Want more information on the Fossil Q collection? Simply get in touch or pop in store to see us. The watches in the Fossil Q collection are available to buy using our finance options.