Our top 5 TV proposal moments

We all love a TV proposal moment. It’s easy to get invested in the people you’re watching every week, whether they are real people or fictional characters and there has been so many great proposals, it was almost too hard to choose our favourites! Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy our top 5 TV proposal moments.

Chandler & Monica - Friends

Potentially the most iconic TV proposal to date. A room full of lit candles and a whole lot of tears later, Monica and Chandler exchange their love for one another, both down on their knees. Although, Monica begins the proposal, Chandler quickly jumps in when she gets too nervous. A definite ‘awwww’ moment!

Blair & Chuck - Gossip Girl

One of TV’s most talked about and envied couples, their path to marriage may not have been steady, but it certainly was exciting. Their engagement was no different. It begins as a way to avoid criminal charges, but their true infatuation with each other is clear to everyone. A simple proposal, but romantic all the same.

Kim & Kanye - Keeping Up With The Kardashians

In true Kim and Kanye style, this proposal was nothing less than over-the-top. It begins with Kanye leading Kim onto San Francisco’s AT&T Park field, where there is a huge firework display and a full orchestra playing her favourite Lana Del Rey song and ends with him on one knee, her saying yes and their closest family and friends invading the pitch cheering. A grand gesture if there ever was one.

Barney & Robin - How I Met Your Mother

The player is no more! Think rooftops, rose petals, a page in his playbook and an epic montage of clips that show their highs and lows as a couple… the ultimate romantic proposal scene.

April & Matthew - Grey’s Anatomy

While their marriage may not have actually transpired, this proposal is one of the most memorable on Grey’s Anatomy ever (and that’s saying something since there’s been so many)! Matthew uses his colleagues for a quirky flashmob dance outside the hospital and finally gets down on one knee with a single red rose in front of everyone. To some this may be goofy, but we love it!

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