PANDORA Disney Collection

This year marks an exciting new step in a partnership sure to bring a touch of magic into every woman’s life. The PANDORA Disney Collection blends the expert craftsmanship and timeless beauty of PANDORA with the immensely popular global phenomenon Disney.

The magic of Disney is unmistakeable, and we all have our favourite films, characters, and songs. Their enchanting tales are incredibly layered, with elements appealing to adults and children alike. The larger-than-life characters and beautifully created worlds spark the imagination and pull you into the Disney story, seamlessly blending comedy, drama, adventure and endless other genres. Above all, emotion is key to Disney.

PANDORA is the quintessence of emotion. The intricately designed and exquisitely crafted jewellery pieces allow you to tell your own story. The partnership between PANDORA and Disney allows every woman to tell their story with a touch of magic.

At the heart of Disney is Mickey Mouse, and for this reason, PANDORA have released a collection of bracelets, charms and petite charms dedicated to him and Disney’s Minnie Mouse.

Other favourites featured in the PANDORA Disney collection include Cinderella, with her crystal slipper and pumpkin coach, and the Beast’s rose and Belle’s dress from Beauty and the Beast.

Enjoy the charm of Disney with the charms of PANDORA.


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