Raymond Weil and The Beatles pay homage to Abbey Road

Raymond Weil and the world’s most iconic band have teamed up to commemorate the legendary Abbey Road album…


After celebrating its 40th anniversary with The Beatles in 2016, music loving Raymond Weil continues its collaboration with the world’s most famous rock band by releasing a watch paying homage to Abbey Road, the last album recorded by the fab four and regarded by some as their most influential composition.

The partnership between Raymond Weil and The Beatles will last for another three years, ending in 2019. This watch is the second in a continuing generation to span the next 2-3 years, and is a limited edition piece with just 3,000 produced.

The 39.5mm automatic is from the Maestro family; a collection which fuses tradition and authenticity with elegant design to create beautifully refined timepieces. Featuring The Beatles’ logo and iconic vinyl LP record design of Abbey Road, the memorable dial is beautifully housed in a stainless steel case.

Owing to Sir Paul McCartney’s veganism, the strap is also stainless steel rather than leather; contributing further to the timeless, classic look. The watch will also feature a stunning smoked sapphire crystal back, to highlight the intricate automatic movement adorned with The Beatles’ logo.

This exclusive, momentous timepiece is a symbol of the timelessness of a group whose success and influence are etched in our minds for eternity. It is due for release in April 2017 in our Hull, Beverley and online stores, but can be pre-ordered now for just £995. Don’t miss out!

Pre-order now.

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