Shiny, Happy Jewellery

Let’s talk about cleaning our jewellery. We know it’s not always fun, but it’s so important to keep your most cherished possessions in tip-top condition.

And here’s the good news; we’ve developed our very own jewellery cleaning collection to make maintaining your jewellery super easy. Whether your taste in sparkle is silver, gold, diamonds or everything else, we’ve got a cleaning option to suit…

If it’s PANDORA you’re into (and who isn’t?), don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If it’s simple silver pieces, a PANDORA Polishing Cloth removes tarnish and dirt on Pandora products with ease. Alternatively, if you’re a more serious PANDORA fan, we offer the PANDORA Product Care Kit, which not only contains two polishing cloths, but also two storage pouches, a cleaning brush, a clasp opener with keyring and a care guide for the complete PANDORA cleaning collection.

For the silver lover, our own Silver Polishing Cloth is impregnated with cleaning solution, enabling easy removal of tarnish and capable restoring brilliant shine. For more thorough silver cleaning, why not try our Silver Sparkle? Simply submerge your silver pieces in a solution bath (rubber duck not included) for 1 to 2 minutes to reveal super shiny pieces.

We’ve got gold covered too; keep yours looking its best with our Gold Polishing Cloth. But wait, there’s more! This cloth, impregnated with cleaning solution, is also great for use with platinum and diamond jewellery. Alternatively, you might prefer our Jewel Sparkle; simply place your jewellery in the basket and dip to keep precious metals and gemstones in superb condition.

If you simply can’t decide, don’t worry, we’ve bundled all four of our best-selling jewellery cleaning products into a Jewellery Cleaning Kit, for a reduced price.

See our full range of jewellery cleaning products here.