#Trending Proposals

While hundreds of couples get engaged everyday, not everyone wants to turn that into a feature film. Thankfully, these guys did, which is why this post is dedicated to our favourite Youtube proposals.

Justin & Emily

Justin is the star of hit TV series, Jane The Virgin and has definitely taken tips from stage school with this grand proposal. It starts with Emily sat waiting in the restaurant where they had their first date, but all is not what it seems. Having had a million ideas of the way he wanted to propose, Justin then starts playing a proposal montage video including a radio station interview, a cheesy boyband video remake, a public flashmob dance scene and a film trailer, before finally proposing face to face in front of their families. We think this proposal is pretty tough to beat if you’re a fan of big, romantic gestures and we’re sure the 11 million people who have viewed it would agree.

Joshua & Colleen

One of Youtube’s most famous couples got engaged in a very romantic setting. Led to empty theatre on the pretences of meeting some friends for drinks, Colleen is surprised to see that the theatre is pitch black and empty, apart from a laptop on the stage. Josh then starts playing a heartfelt video message filled with lots of loving messages from friends and family before getting down on one knee to propose. It was hard to hold back the tears for this one!

Isaac & Amy

The first proposal of it’s kind and certainly a special one, Isaac wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a very unique way. Sat in the boot of his brother’s car with a pair of headphones on, Bruno Mars’ iconic ‘Marry You’ starts playing to Amy and the car begins to move down the street. It soon becomes a full lip dub dance routine performed by all their nearest and dearest and ends with them making a pathway for Isaac to walk down and propose to her. This is one of the most watched Youtube proposals with over 30 million views!

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