Tudor Black Bay Collection

Baselworld 2016 welcomes the launch of 3 new Black Bay Tudor models. Tudor are proud to present their newest additions to the Heritage family, a line dedicated to preserving some of the most important references in the history of the brand and reworking them into timepieces which have a much more contemporary feel.

A collection which was introduced in 2012, the Heritage Black Bay also sees a range of updates this year including a new Tudor in-house movement, along with changes to the steel bracelet and fabric straps.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze

Already a hit with the first release selling out instantly, the newest member to the Heritage Black Bay family is the Heritage Black Bay Bronze. The divers’ choice of watch, this 43mm timepiece, the largest of all the new releases, has all the characteristic traits of classic Tudor history, such as its general lines and domed dial and crystal stemming from Tudor’s first diving watches dating back to 1954 yet has an unusual edge with the use of bronze aluminium for the case. This is a reference to the bronze used in historic ships and diving equipment and develop its own unique patina depending on the wearer’s acidity in the skin, atmosphere they work and live in, lifestyle etc making each watch completely unique.

Bronze is a major trend for 2016, making this the perfect traditional watch with a modern twist. This model also features drilled holes on the side of the lugs and their particularly pronounced chamfering are key design features inspired by Tudor’s history. The Heritage Black Bay Bronze watch is fitted with a new mechanical movement which has been developed and produced in-house by Tudor.

Keeping in theme with historic features, the strap on this watch is made from woven jacquard which dates back to the 1975 French Navy. Also accompanied by an interchangeable aged brown leather strap with an angled cut, accentuating the rustic effect.

This watch should be back in stock and hit our Hugh Rice Hull & Hugh Rice Harrogate stores by September 2016 at a retail price of £2730.

Be sure to be first in the queue by placing your pre-order today – mail@hughrice.co.uk

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark with a 41mm case is a new addition to the Heritage Black Bay family, welcomed by Baselworld 2016. This diver’s favourite has carefully selected watch features bringing Tudors history into current and stylish time pieces. This watch inherits the general lines, as well as the domed dial and crystal from the first ever Tudor diving watches. Also, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark has a particularly prominent winding crown which dates back to 1958 and can be found on the famous 7924.

Taking inspiration from history, this watch comes with two straps; one made from stainless steel and matte black PVD-treated coating, which was originally developed by NASA for its various space programmes and a first for the brand. The other is made from a fabric strap originating from the traditional Jacquard technique which has evolved with stitching on the tip which further seals the material, originally mastered by a century-old family business from France .

Keeping in with the historic theme, this watch has characteristic angular hands known as ‘snowflake’ which were borrowed from Tudor watches used by the French National Navy in the 1970’s.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark will be a sought after piece for A/W and will be available in our Hugh Rice Hull & Hugh Rice Harrogate stores by November 2016 at a retail price of £3050.00

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Tudor Heritage Black Bay

Finally moving on to the newest model of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay which was first introduced in 2012. 2016 brings some updates for this model, adding a more contemporary feel to this classic Tudor watch.

Just like the rest of the new releases this model also features the new Tudor in-house mechanical movement which includes a 70-hour power reserve. The owner could be wearing the watch, for example, Monday-Friday without having to wind the watch all weekend and would still be ready to wear the following Monday.

The Heritage Black Bay is waterproof to a depth of 200m and comes in a variation of colours (blue, black & red). Taking inspiration from Tudor’s riveted bracelets dating back to the 50’s, the steel strap has also been reworked, bringing classic historic features into 2016. An aged leather strap is also available in the blue, black and red model as an alternative to the steel strap. As well as this, a fabric strap will also be included in the box.

Our Hugh Rice Hull and Hugh Rice Harrogate stores have all variations of these models available to purchase in store now!

The Steel strap model has an RRP of £2510 and the leather strap an RRP of £2300.