Introducing the Vivienne Westwood Watch Collection

Vivienne Westwood is a revolutionary, known for popularising modern punk and new wave fashion. A modern-day female impresario, she has constantly challenged the norm; her designs scream in the face of the conventional. Hugh Rice are delighted to announce that we are now proud stockists of the intriguing and exquisite Vivienne Westwood watch collection for ladies and gentlemen.

Westwood’s natural flair for design was apparent from a young age, and she briefly studied silver-smithing at Harrow School in her youth. Unfortunately, priorities changed and she had to take up work in a factory to earn a living. She studied to become a teacher, but even when she took a position at a primary school to teach, her passion for design proved a powerful calling and she continued to create her own jewellery, selling her pieces at a stall on Portobello Road.

Her relationship with Malcolm McLaren helped focus her aspirations, and punk rock became a major influence in her designs. She created the clothes that he conceived and, when McLaren became manager of the controversial Sex Pistols, Westwood’s designs came to prominence. Throughout the 1970s she was the driving force behind the counter-culture visage.

The designs were shocking and provocative, playing directly off the structured, uniformed regularity of the ‘system’. She subsequently used her soapbox of fame and respect within the industry to support many political causes ranging from climate change to civil rights.

This fearless defiance of authority and normality is still present in the design of the Vivienne Westwood watch collection, which can be viewed here.

Within the collection, the ladies Orb II is a bold choice. The yellow gold plated case is presented on a quilted black leather strap. The iconic Orb dominates the dial, and a miniature Orb charm adorns the bezel.

The Bow with yellow gold plated case and delicate pink leather strap provides a slightly more subtle look. The sunburst pattern dial is detailed with glittering crystals, and finished with a dainty golden Orb charm.

For gentlemen, the options are equally stylish. The Portland in yellow gold provides a stylish twist on a classic design. The 40mm case features discrete sub-dials including night/day window, and date, month and day.

All watches in the collection are fitted with a Swiss quartz movement and boast a 2 year guarantee for assurance of quality.

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