Engagement Ring Buying Guide

The Engagement Ring

An engagement ring will signify one of the most important days of your life. It is the physical embodiment of your commitment to your loved one, a clear indication of your intent, and a message to the world.

The presenting of an engagement ring as a promise to marry is a traditional gesture and a mainstay of many cultures throughout the ages.

Hugh Rice engagement ring in box

Your choice of ring is important. Our colleagues are on hand to lend their expert advice, but ultimately you will find a connection to the perfect choice. We advise treating the specifics of the gemstone or the ring as a secondary consideration, instead choose what you love, and what you know they’ll love.

Man proposing to woman with Hugh Rice engagement ring

We offer a range of different styles to cater for each and every person’s individual taste. Peruse at your leisure and you’re certain to find a style that takes your breath away.

Our Collection

With over four decades of experience facilitating the perfect proposal, we’ve refined our collection of engagement rings to fourteen styles that we consider to be the most varied and beautiful.

Each choice offers an intriguing design, where the setting is intricately detailed to showcase not only your diamond, but also your personality.

Why a Diamond?

An objet d’art of the finest proportions, a diamond is the pinnacle of unique natural design and precision workmanship. It is an everlasting symbol of beauty and this is why a diamond is the gemstone of choice for an engagement ring.

To assure quality and peace of mind, the diamonds used in our engagement rings are:

  • Graded by professional, certified grading bodies; either the International Gemological Institute (IGI) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).
  • Graded to a clarity of SI1 or higher.
  • Colour graded to a minimum of G and can be ordered up to a D.
  • Conflict free.

Carat size is available from 0.25 ct up to whatever size your heart desires.

For more information on diamonds, please visit our Diamond Buying Guide.

If a diamond is not to your taste, please view our extensive collection of alternative gemstone rings.

Metal Choices

An engagement ring will most likely be worn every day and will be subjected to the rigours of life. The setting will need to hold your diamond in place indefinitely, providing constant assurance of its safety. The band will be knocked and scraped and caught. That’s why we will only set your diamond in a precious metal, as beautiful as it is strong.

Each of our rings is available in the metal of your choice.

Yellow Gold

A time-honoured choice for an engagement ring; nothing glistens quite like gold. Traditional yellow gold exudes a natural and fascinating allure understandably favoured by jewellery makers for thousands of years.

The gorgeous shine will not tarnish, maintaining the unblemished beauty of your ring.

Our yellow gold rings are available in 9ct or 18ct.

Rose Gold

Delicate and feminine, the blushed pink hues of rose gold are a cultural phenomenon. Evoking such a vivid romantic response and encapsulated with the purity of gold, the allure of a rose gold ring is impossible to imitate.

Like yellow gold, rose gold does not tarnish and will retain a sumptuous shine.

Our rose gold rings are available in 9ct or 18ct.

White Gold

The vibrancy of white gold is unrivalled. Plated with rhodium, a cousin of platinum, a white gold engagement ring produces the most brilliant shine; the ultimate complement to the exuberant sparkle of a perfectly cut diamond.

The rhodium plating is very strong and does not tarnish. It can slowly wear away with time; we offer a re-plating service in-house at a discounted rate if your white gold engagement ring is purchased from us.

Our white gold rings are available in 9ct or 18ct.


Like the diamond set into it, platinum is incredibly rare, resilient and beautiful. The rarity ensures uttermost exclusivity, the resilience assures unsurpassed quality and strength, whilst the natural beauty provides a striking backdrop to showcase a diamond.

Platinum will not tarnish, fade or change colour.

Our platinum rings are only ever crafted from the finest 950 alloy.


Engagement Ring FAQ

Do you offer finance on engagement rings?

Yes, the finance calculator provided on each product page shows the finance options available. Please visit our Finance page for more details.


How long does it take?

From the time of order, our engagement rings can take approximately 3-5 weeks to be delivered, depending on the ring, as each ring is individual and made to measure to your exact specifications. Please consult the ring description for more informatoin.

Please be aware that once the ring arrives with us, we will dispatch it for delivery the next working day with Royal Mail Express Delivery, guaranteed before 1pm, unless you have prearranged another delivery time. Please see ‘Is it discrete?’ below for more details.

If you require delivery sooner, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Is it discrete?

Of course, we understand how important this moment is, and we wouldn’t want anything to spoil the surprise. Our engagement rings are delivered in unmarked packaging, dispatched with Royal Mail Express Delivery, which is guaranteed before 1pm and must be signed for. If you would prefer a more specific delivery time, please get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to accommodate any request.


How do I care for an engagement ring?

As an everlasting commitment, we want to ensure your ring stays healthy for as long as possible.

We offer a lifetime cleaning service for all engagement rings ordered from us. You are welcome to pop into any of our stores where our in-house jewellers will be happy to provide a complimentary clean and polish.

Please see our Jewellery Care Guide for tips on how to keep your diamond ring looking perfect.


Is there a warranty?

Yes, our engagement rings come with a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase. This covers against material defects and workmanship faults.


Can I return an engagement ring?

Our standard Returns Policy applies to all engagement rings ordered with us. You are welcome to return the ring to us within 30 days of its receipt either in-store or online, ensuring it is unworn and in its original packaging. We will provide a full refund or exchange. Please see Returns for more details.


Can I speak to an engagement ring specialist?

We would love to answer any queries via our LiveChat available 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours please feel free to leave a LiveChat ticket or email us at info@hughrice.co.uk, or you can call us on 0800 342 3180.

If you would like to visit us in person, please see our Store Locator to find your nearest store.


Can I come back to Hugh Rice for wedding rings?

We would love to be part of your big day, and if you’ve purchased your engagement ring from us, we even offer 10% off your wedding rings as a thank you.