Ring Size Guide

UK rings are sized using the alphabet system, however some of the fashion brands we stock are European and sized using the numbered system. The following guide shows the conversion from European to UK:

50 = K
51 = K 1/2
52 = L 1/2
53 = M 1/2
54 = N
55 = O
56 = P
57 = P 1/2
58 = Q 1/2
59 = R
60 = S

Printable Sizing Guide

If you are unsure of your UK ring size we have developed a printable guide for you to use as a measure. By clicking on the link below and printing the page you can measure an existing ring against the guide to find your finger size.

Click here to see our Ring Size Guide.

Important Printing Instructions

In your print dialogue box be sure to check that none of the following options are selected; 'Fit to Page', 'Shrink to Fit', 'Expand to Fit', or anything similar as this can distort the accuracy of the guide. To check that the guide has printed correctly, hold a ruler to the 5cm measure on the bottom left of the page. (Be sure to check in both directions).

Ring size guide instructions

Place your existing ring over the circles, then measure the inside of the ring against the inside edge of the circle. If it is correct you will hardly be able to see the circle.

Note: Please also compare against the smaller and larger circles on either side. Remember, this guide is for UK ring sizes only and is intended as a rough guide only. If you are unsure as to your correct ring size and wish to check it, please contact us or come into one of our stores where we shall check it for you.