Top 5 Pandora Jewellery Items

This is a post from one of our favourite customers. My jewellery box is packed full of Pandora charms – it’s my favourite brand without a shadow of a doubt! Every pay day without fail, I’m on Hugh Rice getting my next fix. My favourite items that they manufacture are the charm bracelets – I love how you can create your own personal piece of jewellery that is unlike anything anybody else is wearing. Putting your own stamp on your style is something that really excites me! Another reason why I love Pandora Jewellery so much is because of the amount of detail the jewellery has – some of the charms feature intricate designs that look stunning on your bracelet. There are so many different ranges of Pandora charms available, which suit lots of different styles. Pandora design a massive selection of charms, one of my favourite types of charms are the drop down charms. The best way to organise your bracelet is to have a drop down charm every couple of charms. Personally, I think it looks nicer evenly spread across your bracelet.

pandora 1

  Pandora doesn’t just design gorgeous charm bracelets and charms – they also have a fab range of earrings. The earrings below are right up my street - sparkly and heart-shaped. I love heart shaped jewellery; I feel it’s more personal. I’ve bought this lovely pair of silver and zirconia earrings recently to add to my ever-expanding jewellery collection.

pandora 2

  Pandora has a massive range of bracelets to hold their charms – my personal favourite is this black triple leather bracelet. When you’re looking for a Pandora bracelet to start off your collection, you’ll notice the range of styles available. They range from plain charm bracelets to intricate designs in a range of materials including silver, gold and leather. When I add charms to my bracelet, I tend to try and mix things up with the colours – although it’s really common for people to pick a colour theme and stick with it for Pandora bracelets.

pandora 3

  Even though I don’t have a particular colour theme for my bracelet, my all-time favourite colour is pink, so I tend to opt for pink charms regularly. This charm is the latest to catch my eye – it’s made out of 14ct gold with pink enamel. I’ll definitely be putting this charm on my wish list for my upcoming birthday!

pandora 4

  Now for more pink … this amazing 14ct gold ring is part of the cherry blossom Pandora collection (which I’m loving at the moment! This ring matches the pink charm above, that’s one of the best things about Pandora – they create matching items!

pandora 5

  I find that every birthday and Christmas, all the girls in my family give and receive Pandora jewellery – we’re all hooked! I love how Pandora jewellery is really good value for money, they’re not ridiculously expensive so it’s easy to start up your collection. There are charms aimed at lots of different age groups, tastes and budgets so you’re sure to find something that you like!