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  1. The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 321 is back! A new stainless steel version will soon be released.

    The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 321 is back! A new stainless steel version will soon be released. Finally, we have something to look forward to… The 321 is back and better than ever. Last year, OMEGA announced the long-awaited return of its iconic Calibre 321, unveiling the first new timepiece to house the movement – the Moonwatch in platinum. Now they are releasing this model - which is next in line for legendary status - Read more...
  2. 20 Questions - Gemstone Quiz

    20 Questions - Gemstone Quiz How well do you know your gemstones? ***** You may be dripping in diamonds, rubies and topaz - but can you answer these 20 questions about all things precious and semi-precious? 1. There are 4 gemstones which are considered precious because they’re all extremely rare and there is a limited supply of Read more...
  3. How to Clean Jewellery and Watches

    How to Clean Jewellery and Watches

    For a fast and convenient way to clean your favourite luxury jewellery and Swiss watches, we at Hugh Rice recommend using Connoisseurs Cleaning Products – a leader in jewellery care, it’s there to help revive and maintain your jewellery’s natural beauty and sparkle.

    The effects of everyday life can diminish the brilliance of your jewellery and wristwatches – perfumes, perspiration, soaps, hairspray, dirt and even pollution all contribute to make jewellery a little more tarnished and a little less attractive.

    With Connoisseurs Cleaning Products and our jewellery and watch knowledge, we have come up with some care tips for you to follow and are here to help you adopt a cleaning regime to bring life back into your Gucci ring, your Breitling watch or your precious diamonds and gemstones!

  4. Service and Design at Hugh Rice

    Service and Design at Hugh Rice

    The workshop has always been at the heart of Hugh Rice. We were established in 1971 as a clock and watch repairers by founder Hugh. In 1974 his brother Mike joined him as an apprentice jeweller, and we have been providing a vast range of services for jewellery and watches ever since.

  5. TAG Heuer Tourbillon Carrera Calibre 02T

    TAG Heuer Tourbillon Carrera Calibre 02T

    Everything you need to know about TAG Heuer’s latest addition to the Carrera family.

  6. We've made some changes...

    Our website has recently undergone refurbishment and we’re very excited about the changes we’ve made: The newer website is much easier to navigate, so you'll have no problem finding the products you love. We’ve added a Wishlist function so now you can save your favourite pieces in your account. We introduced a much more Read more...
  7. Omega Master Chronometer

    Omega Master Chronometer

    How can you be certain that your watch will keep accurate time? Would you use another watch to test it? Would you keep checking throughout the day to make sure the time is exact? Both options would be arduous and impractical; instead you want assurance from the moment you unbox your new timepiece that it will, pardon the pun, stand the test of time.

  8. What is a Valuation?

    What is a Valuation?

    Amongst the vast repertoire of services our Service and Design departments offer, we are proud to be able to offer an in-house valuation service for your most treasured belongings. A valuation provides an official account of the value of your jewellery, enabling your insurance company to cover you in the event of loss. It is a fully-researched, expert, written opinion of authenticity, composition and quality regarding a particular item, culminating in a value being determined.

  9. Pre-Owned Watches at Hugh Rice

    Pre-owned, second hand, pre-loved; call it what you like, preo-wned watches, like vintage clothes and classic cars, are fashionable. In fact, they can provide a fantastic alternative to brand new, each with unique characteristics.

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