June Birthstone: Pearl

The pearl is the traditional birthstone of the month of July. The delicate gemstone stands out from the other birthstones due to its organic origins. The pearl is one of the most highly valued gemstones as it oozes elegance and class.

The timeless gemstone is traditionally worn in a delicate, translucent white but pearls can be found in a wide spectrum of colours. Depending on the species of mollusc, pigments can vary from blues and lavenders to even greens and pure black pearls. PicMonkey Collage Pearls are the number one choice when it comes to wedding jewellery, the simplistic and elegant form of a pearl can stand the test of time.  

"Who comes with summer to this earth

And owes to June her hour of birth

A pearl should wear against her skin

Who's innocence many a heart shall win."


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