Introducing the Nomination Cubiamo Collection.

Create bespoke beauty with the Nomination Cubiamo Collection - stylish and innovative.

The collection of charms come in two separate sizes, classic and big, both of these charms can be used on a variety of the chic genuine leather bracelets.

The leather bracelets in the collection also come in two separate styles, you can choose between either a bracelet with a silver clasp or without. Large charms can be used on both Triple Wrap leathers and the soft leather bracelet with Clasp Fastening.

Classic charms can be used on both Triple Wrap leathers and Single Wrap leathers. The triple and single wrap leathers can be simply fasten by tying a knot at the end of the bracelet to make it secure and wrapped around the wrist.

Each of the Cubiamo charms are crafted from sterling silver and some are adorned with semi-precious stones. How you choose to wear them is up to you.

Create your own style and show off your creation with changeable leathers and charms.

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See below for a guide to create and decorate each style of the Nomination Cubiamo bracelets for a unique piece of jewellery!

Cubiamo Triple Wrap Bracelet


Cubiamo Single Wrap Bracelet


Cubiamo Clasp Fastening Bracelet