Basel Blog – Part 1

Each year watch enthusiasts wait with bated breath for the newest offerings from Baselworld; one of the most important events on the calendar. We decided to take this year’s Baselworld watch releases and put them all under one roof.

The addition of some fantastic food, cocktails and an inspiring guest speaker, led to a spectacular event.  Sir Ranulph Fiennes was our guest speaker for the evening, and told many stories (some very funny) from his fascinating life. His tales and photos from his Transglobe expedition put into perspective the difficulties and perils that Sir Ranulph and his team faced during their incredible feat. After his speech there was a short time for questions and signatures. We are very grateful for his attendance and his contribution to making the evening such a success.

Tudor produced one of the most anticipated watches of 2016 - The Black Bay Bronze. This new piece is the first Tudor to feature a case made from Bronze aluminium alloy, a material which allows the case to ‘patina’ (darken / change colour) over time.

This change in case colour is determined by the wearing habits of the owner, skin acidity and many other variables, leading to each watch developing its own unique colour. In the past Bronze was used in divers helmets due to its ruggedness, which makes it a perfect material for the Black Bay.

The Black Bay Bronze is first and foremost a divers watch, and is able to withstand the most punishing of conditions, which fits perfectly into Tudors collection. Tudors exploration history goes back as far as 1952, when a 30-man team went on expedition to the ice caps of north Greenland, equipped with their new (at the time) Tudor Oyster prince watches.

The watches of course worked perfectly, despite temperatures as low as -50®c, with an original (complete with timing logs) resurfacing in 2014. I’m sure the watches from Tudor would’ve been a perfect fit for Sir Ranulph and the conditions he faced during his expeditions, especially now they’re equipped with new in-house, chronometer certified movements

Breitling are always pushing the existing boundaries and striving for greatness, and have even developed their own material - Breitlight.

The all new Avenger Hurricane has a case made from Breitlight, which is 3.3 times lighter than titanium and 5.8 times lighter than steel, whilst also being stronger too. This means that despite the large 50mm case size, the Avenger Hurricane remains light, without sacrificing the robustness that Breitling are renowned for. This saving of weight could be the difference between the ice breaking beneath your feet when in Antarctica, so I’m sure Sir Ranulph would approve.

Not only is the Avenger Hurricane made from an all new material, it is also equipped with a brand new movement. The B12 is a new automatic calibre equipped with chronograph and 24 hour display for incredible functionality. In the polar circles the sun may not be seen for months at a time, so the 24hr indicator would allow the user to keep track of the days (a tool that any explorer would want at their disposal).

Part 2 of the Basel blog will be uploaded soon, and will contain more watch content from our other brands including Tag, Chopard and Omega, along with further insight into our Basel event.